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Huaian Haoyang International Trading Co., Ltd.

Professional Manufacturer of OPC DRUM

What is OPC drum?

OPC is the abbreviations for Organic Photoconductor.

OPC drum is the key component of a laser printer.

The consideration of replacing or using OPC drum

1. Don't touch the OPC drum surface with your fingers.

2. Don’t use the chemical reagents (e.g.alcohol) to wipe OPC drum surface.

3. Don't crash the OPC drum surface with a hard object.

4. Do not mix office supplies such as staples along with the printing media into the printer.

5. After Take out of the cartridge or remove OPC drum, please do not let them expose to light,
    preferably cover with newspaper or a cloth.

How to Clean OPC drum?

When clean it, firstly we should use the non-oil compressed air to blow the toner and dirt on the surface, then use the non-fur soft cloth or special cleaning pad to wipe the OPC drum gently.  During cleaning, wipe it gently, and don't touch the OPC drum in fingers directly, avoid the nails abrasion on OPC drum. 

When should the OPC drum be replaced?

The longevity, the use of the environment, toner, print media and other factors may have influence on its service life.

When the printing quality decline, black line continuously appears, or Drum surface is damaged, you should replace the OPC drum.